Spiritual Development Workshops

Glenda will share her own journey in Spiritual and Self Development. The workshop is interactive using Spiritual tools and Techniques to identify and discover your own abilities.

You will learn techniques in meditation, visualisation and the use of affirmations that can be applied in your daily life, creating a more positive and nourishing environment.

You will be coached, with the use of exercises, to focus on developing the ability to experience seeing and feeling Aura, Chakra, Psychometry and Medium-ship.

Topics covered include:

  • Meditation
  • Chakra
  • Aura
  • Psychometry
  • Medium-ship and Clairvoyance

Cost of one day workshop is $210.00 per person, includes morning and afternoon tea.

Workshop Testimonials

Thanks for showing me how I can see Aura’s. I was so amazed, as I have never seen anything like that before. I am now practising on friends and family.

Kind regards

Glenda Paekau - Workshop Testimonial

This workshop was so uplifting. I enjoyed all of it, especially the medium-ship.

Thanks so much

Glenda Paekau - Workshop Testimonial

I was blown away by being able to see Aura. It is so beautiful. Thank you for showing me so many gifts that I have become aware of, that I never knew that I had.

Glenda Paekau - Workshop Testimonial

I am empowered and focussed on what I want in my life now. I haven’t been able to explore what I knew I always had, until I came to the workshop. Such a lovely group of women that were there, to support me.


Glenda Paekau - Workshop Testimonial